Data Mining Tools: Row to Array

This article is the second in a series of articles about data mining tools written in Python CGI that make common data mining tasks faster and easier. The first article in the series can be seen here:

Data Mining Tools: Column to Array

This tool is very similar to the previous tool, except it is made for copying and pasting a row of spreadsheet data instead of a column of spreadsheet data. Instead of having to parse spreadsheets from within your script, all you have to do is select a row of data in the spreadsheet , then copy and paste the data into the web form. With the click of a button, the script will produce a Pythonic list (array) that can be copied into your script.

The full screen version of this tool can be seen here:

This tool required a slight difference in parsing logic from the script. In this case, I just needed to split the row string on the tab '\t'character. For example:

# Convert the row into an array using split
s = s.split("\t")

Here is the tool, loaded into an iframe:

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